Biothane® Advanced UASB

High-rate, compact anaerobic granular process
The Biothane® Advanced UASB (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket) process is a maintenance free, corrosion-free, robust and straightforward design.

Biothane® Advanced UASB  technology is the best choice for applications with a COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) loading rate of 8 - 14 kg COD/m3 day . The Biothane® Advanced UASB is ideal for sites with height limitations, or when it is preferred to built in a rectangular concrete configuration due to local conditions.

The patented Advanced settler is a key component of both the Biobed® Advanced EGSB and Biothane® Advanced UASB reactors. This settler design efficiently separates the biogas and biomass from the wastewater, thanks to the tilted tube
plates that create an increased settling area for optimum biomass retention and the effective effluent collection system of submerged pipes. The hydrodynamics and the applicable maximum gas- and liquid-velocities of the Advanced settler were studied in various scale-models and in pilot plants. The innovative design fits both in round and square tanks with heights up to 20 m.

Features and benefits

  • Based on fundamental research
  • Easy effluent pipes
  • Flexible reactor height
  • Superior removal efficiencies
  • Excellent biomass inventory
  • Low chemical consumption
  • No odour emission
  • Reduced aerobic post treatment
  • Low foot print
  • Low investment and operating cost



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