Sparthane™ (AnSBR)

The ultimate anaerobic technology for treatment of wastewaters high in fat and solids
Sparthane™ is the latest anaerobic solution, designed to treat industrial effluents with a wide range of concentrations, at maximum removal efficiency. The system is designed for having a high tolerance to concentrated Fat, Oil and Grease and or high levels of suspended solids. This benefits in having no requirement for a primary treatment

Without the need of any pretreatment (other than screening), the acidified content of the buffer tank is fed to the Sparthane™ reactor in batches. Once in the reactor, the substrate is efficiently converted into valuable biogas by the suspended anaerobic biomass. Thanks to Sparthane™ unique sequence, the substrate is completely degraded, enabling maximum biogas production. Finally, the advanced process of biomass degassing takes place in the Batch Degassing Tank (BDT). The final effluent is clarified in the Semi-Continuous Settler (SCS). Whilst the separated effluent is discharged, concentrated biomass is simultaneously returned into the anaerobic reactor to start the Sparthane™ sequence again.

Features and benefits

  • High tolerance to fats and/or suspended solids in feed

  • Self regulated & SMART control

  • High tolerance to feed fluctuations

  • No pretreatment

  • High operational flexibility

  • Maximum Biogas production



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