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Since the early eighties, anaerobic wastewater treatment is successfully applied in pulp & paper industry. The first applications of anaerobic technology in pulp & paper industry were in recycle paper factories as they produce excessive wastewater from the production processes. Later also pulp mill related effluents (such as BCTMP, NSSC and chemical pulp condensates) were successfully treated in anaerobic reactors. The organic compounds present in pulp & paper wastewater can easily be converted into biogas. Biogas can be used as a renewable energy source, to reduce the fossil fuel and/or electricity demand of the mill.

If combined anaerobic and aerobic treatment is applied, very strict effluent limits can be reached. Effluent of the wastewater treatment plant could even be re-used in the mill. In comparison to full aerobic treatment, combined anaerobic - aerobic treatment reduces the energy needs and operations costs of the wastewater treatment plant considerably. Also the required surface area and the sludge production are significantly lower.

Biothane has over 80 references in pulp & paper industry, varying from recycle paper factories to BCTMP and Kraft pulp mills. Applied technologies are the Biothane®  Advanced UASB  and Biobed® Advanced EGSB.


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