Nutrients & Biomass


Macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients are vital for the proper functioning of your anaerobic plant. Based on the nutrient composition of your wastewater, Biothane gives advice on the specific needs of the anaerobic biomass in your system. 

VITHANE - is the brand name of Biothane's macro- and micronutrients solutions.
Anaerobic bacteria consists of macro- and micronutrients. These nutrients are essential for the healthy growth of the organism. If these nutrients are not sufficiently available in the wastewater, these are to be added. Biothane has a range of products. These products are selected and tailored to the specific needs.
The dosing requirements are defined following analyses at Biothane laboratories.

SULFO - Biomass
Biogas can be desulfurized by means of Thiobacillus type of bacteria. In order to start up and or recommissioning a biological desulphurization plant Biothane can provide cultures to enhance start up of a plant.

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Biomass (Out)Sourcing

  • Supply of granular biomass
  • Acquisition of surplus biomass
  • Biomass quality analysis by our laboratory 

An advantage of an anaerobic treatment system is the minimal production of surplus biomass. In some cases, however, the limited amount of granular biomass hampers the reactor performance.  This can be due to granule disintegration, wash-out or too little growth. 

Apart from analyzing and solving the causes, Biothane can supply granular biomass to re-seed your reactor. Biothane assists in optimizing the production of granular biomass and improving the specific activity, and assists you in selling the surplus amount.

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Biothane’s technologies are found in a lot of plants around the world. Contact us for references related to your specific needs.

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