Biobed® EBS (EGSB)

The Biobed® EBS technology is an unique anaerobic high rate system with external biomass separation.
Biobed EBS ( EGSB)
Biobed® EBS (EGSB) Technology, the next generation of Biobed® technology that brings high-rate anaerobic wastewater treatment to a new dimension!

After more than 40 years of experience in the Design, Build and Operation of anaerobic systems for industrial effluent treatment; Biothane has made a quantum leap in the development of Biobed® External Biomass Separator (EBS) process. The Biobed® EBS technology is a new standard in anaerobic wastewater treatment. The design manages the needs of industry by controlling the risk of precipitation. 

In time the industry has achieved to use less water. One of the consequences is that wastewaters contain higher concentrations of both organic- and inorganic components. At anaerobic conditions inorganic salts can precipitate and result in scaling, precipitation and  blockage of anaerobic reactor internals. The Biobed® EBS is designed to treat wastewater with a high risk for precipitation (as for example CaCO3 and similar types of precipitants).

One of the main advantages of the externally installed settler units is that it allows for Cleaning In Place. In occurrence of precipitation and calcification, one of the settler units can be isolated and cleaned accordingly. This ensures high availability and continuous operation of the anaerobic  process. 

The EBS modules are modular. The capacity of the system can be easily extended. The units can be installed to upgrade all types of high rate anaerobic reactors.

The Biobed® EBS design evolved from Veolias' years of experience in operating industrial anaerobic wastewater treatment plants.

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Unique High Rate anaerobic system with no complex internals

Process features 

  • No down time - maintenance during operation
  • Chemical Cleaning in Place
  • Operator friendly design
  • Low operational costs
  • High efficiency & robust performance
  • Low investment costs
  • No odor & no corrosion risks
  • Modular and easily expandable
  • Easy Fit for Retrofit for all kind of anaerobic reactors 



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