The European Commission has set ambitions to be carbon neutral in 2050. Biogas -and Biomethane are renewable energy sources. Emissions from biogas and biomethane combustion are fully compensated upstream by the photosynthesis, as defined “short carbon cycle”. The methane is produced from biomass, sewage sludge and or digestion of organics as present in industrial effluents. Non fossil renewable energy sources.

The highest energy efficiency is achieved by the production and use of Biomethane. More than 99% of the calorific value is recovered. The Bio-Methane can be stored in the gas grid infrastructure or liquified for fuel purposes in the form of CNG  (Compressed Natural Gas)/  LNG (Liquid Natural Gas).

At global scale there is a potential to save 10-13% of worldwide greenhouse gases (GHG), by optimizing biogas and biomethane production. (Source; EBA, background paper 2020).


  • Municipal market: Upgrade of biogas from sludge digesters to biomethane for gas grid injection; 
  • Organic waste market: Waste to Energy plants produce biogas as source for upgrading to gas grid injection or fuels
  • Industrial market: Industrial effluents service as energy source which allows full upgrade to Biomethane



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