Food & Beverage

Wastewater streams from the food & beverage industry are very diverse, but they have in common that many of them contain organic compounds originating from the processed materials. This characteristic often makes biological wastewater treatment, and in many cases anaerobic treatment, advantageous.

Applied Biothane Technologies in the food & beverage industry are the Biothane Biobulk™  and the Memthane® technology for high strength waste(water) streams and the Biothane® Advanced UASB or the Biobed® Advanced EGSB for liquid types of wastewater.

All installations are characterized by a small surface area, low energy use, and generation of substantial amounts of biogas, which can be used as a renewable energy source.

Biothane has more than 400 references in the food & beverage industry. Examples of industries where Biothane technologies are applied are fruit juice, soft drinks, potato products, fruit & vegetable canning, dairy and jams.


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