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Evolution of Biothane anaerobic- and biogas technologies
Biothane history

Following a close cooperation between the CSM water technology group and Wageningen University, the first anaerobic pilot- and demonstration plants were developed in the mid seventies. These pilots resulted in the development of the first Biothane Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) technology. 
In the mid eighties the water technology group of CSM was merged with the environmental business group of Gist Brocades (nowadays DSM). One of the innovations was the Biobed Expanded Granular Sludge Bed (EGSB) technology.
From the early nineties till late 2000's Biothane further developed the anaerobic technologies and global network as a technology contractor.  In 2008 Biothane was acquired by their partner Veolia. As of today we are the anaerobic techno centre of the Veolia group with a continuous drive for development and innovation. Anaerobic -and biogas technologies are key-enablers of our Mission: "Resourcing the World"


  • 1976 First full-scale  Biothane® UASB

  • 1985 First Biobed® EGSB planT

  • 1991 First BIOTHANE Biobulk™ plant

  • 2005 First Biobed® Advanced plant

  • 2011 First Memthane® plant

  • 2012 First Sulfothane™ plant

  • 2017 First MemGas™ plant 

  • 2021 ...




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