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The composition of wastewater streams from chemical and pharmaceutical industries vary significantly among each other.

Each factory is producing a specific type of wastewater, often requiring a specially designed wastewater treatment plant. Wastewater streams may contain very high concentrations of organic loading, requiring considerable dilution in the anaerobic system. Or wastewater streams contain components that are toxic but become anaerobically treatable when biomass is adapted to it for a longer time, under the right conditions.

Biothane has over 40 years of experience in development of anaerobic treatment systems for chemical and pharmaceutical wastewaters. Often laboratory trials or pilot studies are conducted to design the most efficient treatment method, in close communication with the client. The wastewater treatment plant can be designed for effluent discharge to a water body or sewer, or for water re-use in the production process.

The procedure to treat Purified Terephtalic Acid (PTA) wastewater under anaerobic conditions, was developed in the laboratory of Biothane. Nowadays, Biothane is the world leader in PTA wastewater treatment, having many references in this industry. Other references of Biothane in chemical and pharmaceutical industries are for example in penicillin and insulin production and in acid production facilities such as lactic, acetic and citric acid. In total, Biothane has more than 75 references in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Applied Biothane anaerobic technologies are the Biothane Biobulk™, the Biothane® Advanced UASB and the Biobed® Advanced EGSB.


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