Biobed® DUO (EGSB)

The Biobed® DUO design, Biothane's advanced two layer reactor system, has been developed to provide advantages for specific applications.
The Biobed® DUO reactor is equipped with a dedicated piping grid to evenly distribute the recycle flow at the reactor floor. This unique feature secures excellent mixing and uniform flow conditions to fully control the hydraulic regime in the reactor.

The Biobed® DUO design has been developed to provide advantages for specific applications.  It offers improved performance by combining world leading Biobed® Advanced technology with innovative process features such as recycle and mixing control, in-situ cleaning and sludge inventory management in an advanced two layer reactor system.

In-situ Gas Liquid separator cleaning

The Biobed® DUO reactor is standard equipped with a novel and unique facility to perform in-situ cleaning of the Gas Liquid separators. By adjusting valves in the biogas piping turbulent flows are created across the entire surface of the first and/ or second layer of separators. The scouring by the gas provides an efficient cleaning process. The in- situ cleaning can be automated in a preventative maintenance Standard Operating Procedure.


Features and benefits

  • COD loading rate 20-30 kg COD/m3 .d
  • COD removal efficiencies 75-90%
  • Compact system using minimal space
  • Full control of emissions, no odour
  • Biogas production for energy recovery
  • Minimal surplus sludge production
  • Fully automated and operator friendly



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