Operational support & Service contracts

Veolia has a global presence of water treatment experts. Through our network we are able to provide our end users support in the day to day operation of our anaerobic treatment plant. Our services contracts can be tailored to local needs and can be including: 

Expert view of operation & Training programs

  • Process performance and operations; herewith the operational team and group of experts is connected to the Veolia Hubgrade Portal. Objective is to have back up support and secure optimal performance and opex.
  • On-line training programs and instruction tutorials available in Operation Portal
  • On-site training programs to have your local staff updated

Maintenance program & Support services

  • Local service teams can manage maintenance programs of the effluent treatment plant. In close cooperation Veolia experts ensure proper technical operation of the plant. Spare parts can be hold on stock to secure availability time.

Plant operation

  • Veolia operates industrial effluent treatment plants. Our local experts can take over the day to day operation of the plant and ensure a quality of operation.

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Biothane’s technologies are found in a lot of plants around the world. Contact us for references related to your specific needs.

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If you have any questions about our products and their application, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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