Fermentation & Biofuels

High concentrations of organic components make wastewater streams from biofuel and fermentation industries very suitable for anaerobic treatment.

Typical process streams in the fermentation and biofuel industry include whole stillage, thin stillage, evaporator condensate, vinasse and spent wash.

Applied Biothane anaerobic technologies are the Biothane Biobulk™, the Biothane® Advanced UASB and the Biobed® Advanced EGSB.

Each anaerobic system is adapted to the characteristics of the wastewater and is especially designed to achieve the highest efficiency possible. A major advantage of anaerobic treatment of fermentation & biofuel wastewater is the possibility to reuse the produced biogas, a biofuel in itself!

Reuse of biogas can partly or entirely cater the energy needs of the wastewater treatment plant and can even create a net energy production.

Biothane has more than 60 references in Fermentation & Biofuel Industry. Among them are yeast factories and facilities producing first and second generation bioethanol, using feed stocks such as sugar crops (beet sugar, cane sugar, molasse), starch crops (corn, wheat, etc.) and cellulosic material.


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