Biothane is one of the world's leading companies in the field of biological treatment of industrial wastewater and biogas technologies

Design & Consultancy

Veolia has an extensive global presence of water treatment experts. Veolia has a wide portfolio of solutions to treat wastewater up to the level of surface water discharge and or water reuse. Based on our in house expertise we are able to provide our clients a complete overview of design possibilities. We can roadmap different options and provide a qualification of Capital Expenditure (CapEx) and Operational costs (OpEx) at long-term life cycle costs (Total Cost of Ownership).

Site Audit & Debottlenecking

Our experts can provide a scan of the existing plant operations and make an evaluation of process performance, process optimization, technical review and recommendation. Veolia operates industrial effluent treatment plants. Operation and Maintenance programs can be developed. Debottlenecking studies can be made to expand the lifetime of the plant and make it future proof.

Retrofit & Upgrade

Biothane solutions allow to upgrade existing plants with latest technology standards. Biomass sludge separators can be exchanged and or extended and Contact processes can be upgraded to the latest control regimes. Our experts are ready to advice you. If you are interested in support of operation, please contact us by email or telephone +31 15 2700111. 


Anaerobic solutions provide less energy consumption and less sludge production. They have a small footprint and produce valuable biogas. A true green solution!
Utilization of biogas for municipalities and industries

An anaerobic wastewater treatment plant is a valuable asset to cost effectively treat
many types of industrial wastewaters, while producing valuable biogas as
a green energy source.