Biobed® Advanced EGSB

The Biobed® Advanced EGSB has a most reliable, stable and high performance against a high cost-effectiveness.
The Biobed® Advanced EGSB ( Expanded Granular Sludge Bed) technology is an extremely compact, high performance anaerobic treatment process for industrial effluents using granular sludge. The proven superior performance shows lower investment and operating costs

Combining the best of both

UASB (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket) systems are renowned for their high COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) breakdown efficiency and the ease of maintaining and producing anaerobic granular sludge. Main driving force for implementing EGSB systems are the substantially reduced invest cost due to the higher volumetric loading rates (2-3 times) and the taller reactors (2-3x), which further minimize the required foot print. 

The challenge in developing the Biobed® Advanced reactor, was combining the excellent performance of the UASB reactor with the cost effectiveness of a high loaded system. This has resulted in a novel reactor design, which showed in practice indeed superior sludge retention characteristics.

The Biobed® Advanced reactor can be built as a completely closed system, which ensures no odor emission. The system achieves at high reactor loading rates, not only the sludge retention of a UASB system, but also achieves similar COD removal efficiencies.  

The experience from full scale plants has shown that the Biobed® Advanced system requires less investments, less overall operating costs and requires less operator attention compared to other anaerobic systems.

Features and benefits

  • Based on fundamental research
  • Small compact settler and small reactor
  • Easy effluent pipes
  • Flexible reactor height
  • Flexible in construction; round steel or square concrete
  • Superior removal efficiencies
  • Excellent biomass inventory
  • Low chemical consumption
  • No odour emission
  • Reduced aerobic post treatment
  • Low foot print
  • Low investment and operating cost



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